Offline sync/backup

hi, i am a andoid noob. new to /e/ and new to android. using an blackberry phone before :slight_smile:
and i hate all this damn cloud-thinkis.
my question:
some one knows a free software/app can i use to sync or backup my (/e/-)android, local, offline, on MY computer?
and download able not from googlestore or amazon!

some one knows blackberry link? like this. for android. also offline.

thx and regards

If you’re using Windows, then MyPhoneExplorer should be something you want to check out.

Hi @FalkZeuss welcome

You could make your PC a nextcloud server and add the nextcloud app from Apps to you device.

i have linux (mint) on my pc.
but i will try MyPhoneExplorer with wine/pol

nextcloud - no way, sorry, cloud…


The suggestion was to install NextCloud on your own computer, so that it isn’t in “the cloud”. See



Or you use your own Raspberry Pi with Nextcloudpi to sync all your data to.

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