.ogg files are played only through bluetooth

no matter what music player I am using, Ogg Vorbis files are being played only when I connect my phone to an externel output such as bluetooth earphones. Otherwise all the music players just skip through the playlist.
Anyone having the same problem and knowing how to fix this?

No issues on my phones with .ogg. Maybe specify your device and /e/OS version to see if others on similar have the issue.

Hi Besamim,
I’m not of a support team, but if you can share with me two or three songs in that format,
I could try to play them on my /e/ phone, that is the latest Pie unofficial (android 9) for Samsung S4 mini

I am on Fairphone 3 and updated to the latest version without any improvement.

I have exactly the same problem with my Sony XA2. Only plays ogg files with BT, not even with wired headphones.

Try using VLC to play your ogg files. VLC uses its own decoder rather than rely on the Android system.