On Android S, memory size not displayed accurately

After installing the latest stable version of /e/, “S” (1.11), the FP3+ appears to show too little internal memory. The device is supposed to have a ROM size of 64 GB. It appears to rack up much less, arguably only 32 GB. Any ideas how this could be remedied?

Where did you look up the internal memory?

On my own FP3+ on /e/OS S-dev 1.11, it’s shown like below in Settings > Storage.
I also use a 1 TB SDXC card formatted as portable storage in the device (see 3rd picture).

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here are my settings: see the screenshot

That means that either the phone has 32 GB of physical memory or the OS fails to make proper use of it, showing an incorrect value.

And as to your sdxc card:

  1. It surprises me that you run a 1TB card given that the supposed max size is 400GB only.
  2. Using a 400GB card as mobile memory (as opposed to adoptable memory), I ran into the problem that Android wants to format it. Using another, only 64GB card, didn’t make any problems at all.

ok, quite strange … so far the only real difference between our setups seems to be stable vs. dev

You might want to briefly mention this here, perhaps others have experienced this, too:

Good morning Urs,
I need to know whether I can use this ROM even if it shows an incorrect value for the internal storage size. I am contemplating to abort trying this ROM and install an image of /e/-OS 1.4 which works so far. As a matter of fact I am quite desillusioned of this ROM which is supposed to be “stable” but evidently still has a bunch of flaws.

I cannot really contribute anything more here, sorry. The only two things that I vaguely think might be related is the fact that your device is rooted and that the FP3 is an A/B partition device, but frankly I hardly know anything more beyond these two terms. I actually rather doubt the A/B thing plays a role here, but I thought it cannot hurt to just mention these two vague ideas.

It might be useful to install the AIDA64 app, look under System and see whether the figures are repeated.

I do not know the full history of the phone and reinstall history [1]; I suppose it might be worth ruling out any unusual failure in the install by doing a full reinstall. https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP3/install

I do not remember a similar fault mentioned I think it would be taken seriously in a stable build if you Report an issue – ideally, imho, before rooting.

[1] Is known: Feedback for v1.11 - #139 by Januario

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