Storage size issue after installing /e/ S and even /e/ 1.4

I have bought a used FP3+ in order to have a nearly identical clone of my day-to-day FP3, which is running on /e/ 1.4 and displays a storage size of 64 GB.

FPOS 11 was running on the “clone” device, displaying the storage size accurately with 64 GB. The bootloader menu shows 64 GB, too.

After installing /e/ 1.4 following the recommended procedure, /e/ showed only 32 GB storage size. I encountered the same problem with /e/ 1.11. Something must have happened to the partitions and I need to know how this can be rectified.

My Fairphone 3 reports 64 GB running 1.11-s-20230511288805-dev-FP3, same as @urs_lesse observed in the other topic.

I found a few older mentions of an issue like this on other phones in the internet. The recommended solution is a factory reset (which will delete your user data as well as Apps installed by you and their data, be safe with a backup).

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This has done the trick. I think it’s important to use the factory reset offered by the respective recovery in order to set the partitions right. I had wiped “data” before using TWRP to no avail, ending up with the dreaded “extracttarfork…255” error.

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If I’m not mistaken, TWRP “wiping” the data partition might just result in deleting files, not changing anything regarding the storage format. TWRP has a “Format Data” button to really format the data partition.

Since /e/OS has its own recovery, I think this really should be the preferred way.

Yeah, I’ve actually done this, too, but to no avail, either.

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Good to know, thanks for sharing.

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