On Xiaomi redmi note 8T doesnt work

Hello i try to install /e/ on my xiaomi redmi note 8T but the willov version doesnt exist and i want /e/ cause is good system. Wat should i gonna do? Or can you do the version on redmi note 8T? the lineage os for willow exist so i think the /e/ will can too

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Which version of/e/ did you try on your willow?
According to me it should work with the ginko version.

Hell @Koloe,
your title “On Xiaomi redmi note 8T doesnt work” is misleading. More accurate would be: “My Xiaomi redmi note 8T doesnt work”.

/e/ OS ‘Q’ works very well on my ‘willow’ aka Redmi Note 8T ’ (ginkgo/willow) - not just since today.

Oh yes you was right i was only stick on logo and that, i repair soud it is now work