One+6 /e/ account no longer syncing with

It seems about a month or so ago the Murena Nextcloud started to not update/sync from my phone at least for pics/photos. The account on my phone shows sync’d to the current date and time but the cloud doesn’t update any more. The folders for Photos and pictures show updated 25 days ago. I was going to delete my Murena account and rebuild it but I would lose lots of pictures that are on the cloud but not my phone.
Email shows on the cloud as do tasks, contacts, and caledar events made on the phone.
I have no Idea what is going on. All updates are current.
Regarding pics/photos, when the mobile /e/ syncs with the Murena Nextcloud what folders on /e/ mobile are sync’d by default with the cloud and is it to the Pictures folder since I see both a pictures and a Photos folder though neither is updating?
I would expect that any pics I save to my Gallery would sync to the cloud but that does not seem to be the case either.

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