One ecloud account, on two phones?


I did try searching for this issue but didn’t find anything. Please let me know if a similar thread already exists, thanks!

I am currently migrating over to my third phone with the e/OS. So far I have been using my existing Nextcloud account for sync and storage of the usual stuff (contacts, calendars, notes, etc.) I have decided to jump all in and switch over to an ecloud account so I’ll need to move the data from my existing Nextcloud account to my new ecloud account. I would like to log in to my current phone with the ecloud account and sync everything, so that I can log in to my new phone with the ecloud account and be all set up. The switching over will take a bit of time while I fiddle with the other details, so I would be logged into two phones with one ecloud account.

Will this create a sync nightmare? The concept of cloud use means it should be fine but I think there is the potential for duplicate files and which device overwrites the other one for updates to the data. It would be convenient for me to take a few days to do it and get all set up before the final SIM card swap. Or, should I just dedicate an afternoon and do as much as I can all at once?

Or just backup all my existing Nextcloud data and export-import into the new phone and not even log into the old phone with my ecloud account?

Just a bit cautious as there have been many times over the last 20 years of having to go back and clean up duplicate/messy data in contacts, calendars and notes.

Thank you

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That’s the idea !
Assuming your new phone is empty, I’ll suggest to :

  1. connect your old phone to /e/ Cloud (better use WiFi), and let it fully synchronize (restart phone and wait if some files missing, check “Activity” on /e/ Cloud web) (see notes at bottom)
  2. connect your new phone to same /e/ Cloud account, and let it synchronize

After that, every change on any phone (contact, calendar, notes, task, files) will be synchronized to other phone(s).
Please ensure, before modifying anything on any phone (for example a note), that it is up to date with /e/ Cloud.

If your new phone is not empty when doing it’s initial synchronization, I think that the conflict behavior may vary on the type of data …

  • duplicate files should be updated on /e/ Cloud only if newer on phone (new phone’s only files will be uploaded, then synchronized to old phone)
  • contacts should be merged on Cloud, with a risk for duplicates (before connecting phones to /e/ Cloud, I’ll advise to merge manually from new to old phone , then connect+sync old phone to /e/ Cloud, empty new phone, connect it to /e/ Cloud to have contacts full synchronized)
  • calendar : don’t know, never tested :frowning: (high risk to have identical events duplicated)
  • notes : same advise as contacts (but easier to manage, as you can manage them as files on /e/ Cloud)

==> In short : it’s a better idea to have your new phone reset to empty, before connecting it to cloud :wink: <==

Note 1 : /e/ Cloud only handle some type of information for synchronization (contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, some files). Apps or phone settings won’t be synchronized.
Note 2 : if contacts or calendar events are stored locally on old phone, you may have to move them manually to /e/ Cloud address book or calendar. I’ll won’t remove the Nextcloud account before connecting to /e/ Cloud, as it may result to some data loss (just disable sync within NextCloud client)