One page reference guide for /e/!

/e/ ROM and online services product description: we have created a page that describes what is the /e/ mobile ecosystem, what’s in /e/ and what will be /e/.
It will be updated regularly with newest features and status.
You can refer to this page to explain the project to friends and family!


Nice Wiki page thanks. It should be in the website too (it’s maybe planed for the new one).

The only mistake I saw was “an an” :

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:slight_smile: will have that corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.

All pre-installed applications are open source applications but the Maps app (read details about this in the FAQ).

unterminated sentence :slight_smile:

SearX meta-search engine, with major look&feel improvements and peformance improvements

small mistyping

/e/ will soon be available in two versions:

  • standard /e/ with default applications
  • /e/ with minimal number of default/pre-installed applications

add several user profile to impact the choice of default applications installed during first-time usage wizard

which difference ?

Actually here “but” means “sauf”, so the sentence is complete :slight_smile:

There’s nothing about the GDPR. It is EU law to protect the privacy of European citizens.
Does /e/ respect the GDPR?

Thanks for pointing this out. Will have the details added on the wiki.

@Manoj, we need one feature of this page very importantly!!
We need an easily typable URL, (such as that can be typed in 9 or 8 letters.
For example: “Hey, man, check out this phone OS!!! the URL is”
Easier to say, therefore to type, more motivation to ‘accidentally’ come across it!