One Plus 6 recovery mode

I started the installation of /e/ on my One Plus 6.
I followed this instruction page :

  1. Unlocking the bootloader : OK
  2. Temporarily booting a custom recovery using : OK

$ sudo $(which fastboot) flash boot recovery.img
Sending ‘boot_a’ (28980 KB) OKAY [ 0.702s]
Writing ‘boot_a’ OKAY [ 0.172s]
Finished. Total time: 0.880s

  1. Download /e/ for enchilada : OK
  2. Installing /e/ from custom recovery
    => When I reboot in recovery mode, I have a screen with the next message :
    “The boot loader is unlocked and software integrity cannot be guaranteed. Any data stored on the device may be available to attackers. Do not store any sensitive data on the device. Press power key to pause root”, and… nothing more. No TWRP. Why ?

Many thanks !

Edit : I just see that TWRP is not compatible with Android 10. May be this is the problem ?

Team Win - TWRP Recovery in combination with LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10) work on my Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505. I’ve consciously decided to use the LOS-Recovery, because I don’t like the handling and because there aren’t many functions of TWRP.

I had the same issue when installing /e/ from android 10.
I had to downgrade to android 9 with MSM download tool before.

Use this MSM tool (v5) : ANDROID 9 OOS 9.0.8 | by Some_Random_Username for OnePlus 6

good luck