One Plus Nord devices, learned it the hard way

Just thought I should post this hear. Anyone owning a OnePlus Nord CE 5g. This is not the same as the listed OnePlus Nord “Avicii” device. I tried to install /e on my phone and messed it up badly. Took me a hello of an effort to get it up and running again.

Looking forward to see the OnePlus Nord CE 5g on the supported devices list!!! The custom rom on my phone just makes me sick… Google has his fingers everywhere…

Anyone interested in the spec of the CE (core edition) look here:

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Somtimes the app AIDA64 - Download 1.85 (APK) | AIDA64 will reveal the devicecode. Is yours an ‘Ivan’? (or something else?) The OnePlus Nord 2 CE specs may have just leaked - Android Authority

Hi @cliffi30, you probably could try the /e/G.S.I. (Generic System Image) for recent devices not specificly supported
(some features may not working on some devices)

It is called “ebba”. Thanks

Thanks Piero, I will have a read through the documentation and see if my device fulfills the requirements listed.

Hey, did you fix the problem? I wish to get Nord CE

Hello, I did not have time yet but will update here asap.

So technically, it’s possible to install on nord CE. Is that correct?

Hi @michnokrk, at present the only OnePlus Nord supported ( with an Official /e/ ROM is the “Avicii”. The alternative suggestion proposed is having followed these two links and

To avoid confusion you might find your devicecode (see above) so that you can write of your device as OnePlus Nord “Ebba”, OnePlus Nord “Ivan” or whatever you find. :slight_smile: