One Plus One Install issue

I followed the instructions to install e on my One Plus One (Bacon). I receive the error: Install Failed- Failed to verify whole-file signature
Signature verification Failed
Installation aborted

Any help appreciated.


Assuming you are getting this error in TWRP - try to run this without the verify signature check box being enabled

Thank you Manoj! Actually TWRP was being overwritten by Cyanogen Recovery each boot. I needed to uncheck one of the Cyanogen uograde options in developer mode to be able to fer into TWRP

The /e/ instructions link to twrp-3.2.3-20190125-bacon.img at afh.

TeamWin - TWRP for bacon’s version twrp-3.3.1-0-bacon.img enables a TWRP Recovery update. Have you ever tried it?

^^ Use that version, worked flawless flashing OnePlus One device I had from stock CM to /e/ (official & unofficial) also to lineage and had UBports ubuntu touch on it at one point. Never faced an issue.

It’s all good now, thanks! A couple of small things missing from the install guide (i’m a noob!). Happy to help update if helpful…

Pl can you let us know what is missing and can have the same updated.

Mainly the need to disable “Update CyanogenMod recovery” option in developer settings, else TWRP is overwritten by Cyanogen recovery each boot.