One plus one signal

Although /e/ is great on my One Plus One, the signal is poor (often shows zero bars) even though my Samsung S9 Plus Shows 3 bars. As a result, it’s really tough to make calls on the One Plus One as it’s breaking up a lot.

From reading forums, I see this is a common issue with the phone, but i can’t recall this being an issue in the past with this phone (I haven’t used it for i guess a year before now).

Is there a certain modem/radio that’s recommended to install with /e/? Ps i’m running 0.7-2020011737872


If anyone is having issues with one plus one signal/dropouts, I’ve flashed a newer radio: 4.0.1c7-00013-M8974AAAAANAZM-1 and it’s way better. Doesn’t break up or drop calls as often.