Onedrive dont see new photos


Here is my configuration:
Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-930F
e OS 1.0
Onedrive 6.58
Camera 1.48.1 (the default installed)
SD card 128Go formatted as sharing device (so it works on PC and doesnt accept apps)
Camera saves photos in the sdcard/DCIM , with “Use storage access framework” activated.

I would like to sync-up my photos folder with Onedrive so that everytime I activate internet and launch onedrive, any photo taken is uploaded and saved on the cloud. Plus it would facilitate the transfer to my computer.

I set up such thing last week and it was working like a charm. But this week-end, Camera app started crashing randomly after taking pictures / shooting videos and the SD card got corrupted according to the phone.
Luckily it was actually not and I could save my photos on my computer.

So I formatted it and re-set up my syncing.
Since then, Onedrive detects pictures already there, but any new picture taken is not detected and not synced.
What triggers the detection is setting off the “Camera upload” in Onedrive , renaming the folder (which breaks the saving path in Camera app) / copying the folder and setting back on the “Camera upload”.

So I wonder if camera app does smth to the folder or if Onedrive requires a particular environment?

In a meantime I will try OpenCamera app .

Thank you very much for your help !

Syncing seems to work perfectly with OpenCamera so I’ll go with it until I find any issue.

Camera (default e /os/ app) and OpenCamera look very similar, are there any differences ?

The /e/ camera is OpenCamera, but lagging a bit in version.

I have found that with a Samsung, Storage framework and save to SD card is unreliable. It seems a feature of Samsung and OpenCamera. Just as you found it works for a while … also some features of the camera seem weak, for instance coping with low light. For instance a photo might fail to save in low light; subsequently the phone might seem a bit erratic … then the issue clears after the phone is restarted.

I never quite know the relation … but clearing data within the camera app, returns all the camera setting to default, and the camera is inclined to work quite well for a while.

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