OnePlus 5T (dumpling): Upgrade to T

Hello, I installed last year e/os version on my 5T and would like to upgrade to T?
Can upgrade directly from S by flashing e/OS version T or I have to rerinstal orginal Android and then do the upgrade? Thanks for the advice.

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Hi @FOSSphone welcome to the /e/ forum.

Generally Upgrade S - T does not require Format data or “return to Stock ROM” but no Upgrade page for /e/ is linked off

Next best source of information is the Lineage documentation.

The specific link reads Upgrade to a higher version of LineageOS (e.g. lineage-19.1 → lineage-20)

Always take a backup of essentials but the Lineage link confirms that you can fairly simply …

Good luck.

Many thanks for the explanations!

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