OnePlus 6 Feedback and Photos?

Hi everyone !

I have to buy a new (refurbished) smartphone and would like to install /e/ on it.
Has anyone here have it running on a OP6 ? I’m especially interested in the camera/pictures quality with OpenCamera or any other app.


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By the way, I am also interested in such a feedback with the OP5T


Here is a first feedback of a fresh /e/ pie installation on a refurbished OP6, intended to become my daily device :

  • Installation without issue from OOS 9 stock
  • Hardware is working fine so far : bluetooth, wifi, fingerprint, gyroscope, camera, speaker, …
  • /e/ switch made right after receiving the device, so I can’t compare with stock OOS (battery life, photo quality, …)

I’ve only made a few camera tests so far :

  • Rear camera seems limited to primary lens
  • OpenCamera works fine but the photo quality is only so-so, even with API Camera 2, depending on conditions
  • OnePlusCamera apk seems not working (crashes at startup)
  • GCam ports (6.1 & 7.2) :upside_down_face: are not 100% stable but seem usable. Night sight mode is :open_mouth: .

Hope this will help you switching to /e/ :slight_smile: .

Just registered specifically for commenting on this topic.

I just have installed a brand new OnePlus 6 with /e/.

My feedback is super positive: phone works, wifi works, GPS works, the apps I use work etc.

The only medium entity issue I am having is that OTA does not work: it downloads the packages, it performs the pre-upgrade tasks but then it gets stuck at reboot: I have to manually go into recovery (TWRP) and apply the update. Could be because it cannot decrypt the filesystem (I have set a PIN) but I have not investigated the thing in deep.

Found a couple of minor issues with the Music app, which behaves erratically when it is running in the background and I lock/unlock the device, but it’s just an annoyance I hope will be fixed in one of the following builds.

Overall, super recommended: device boots in 10 seconds (after the “unlocked bootloader” warning message) and every app is blazing fast.

One thing to mention: if you try to install /e/ (or Lineage OS, for that matter) starting from the stock One Plus’ OS updated to Android 10 the documented procedure will not work, as Android 10 has introduced various changes to the bootloader and recovery stuff that require more recent TWRP and various special operations.

So, if you are planning to install /e/ on OnePlus 6, make sure not to start from Android 10.

Thanks for this feedback…will have to check on this and if possible get the documentation updated.

@Manoj, check this out: [HOWTO] Install /e/ on OnePlus 6 running Andoroid 10

Thanks @OnePlus6user I saw that post you had put in a few days back.