OnePlus 6T new install spontaneous rebooting

I just recently installed /e/ for the OnePlus 6T and I’m having what I believe is the same issue as described here Basically it reboots within about 30 secs. I’ve enabled USB/ADB debugging and connected the OnePlus 6T to my usb and managed to get to the (lineage? it has the lineage logo) recovery screen. I would like to flash lineage os (or an older version of /e/ that works) on the phone until a fix for this issue is provided by /e/. Can someone provide me with instructions on how to load lineage (or an older /e/ that works) from the lineage recovery, since I’m not sure how to get back to the TWRP screen at this point?

OK, I didn’t know I needed to reflash TWRP back on the device. I did that and flashed the most recent build of Lineage OS for the OnePlus 6T which doesn’t seem to have the spontaneous reboot problems. I will probably try to reflash /e/ once this problem is corrected.