Oneplus 6T problems

Hello all. I have been using /e/ since it first was publicly available and love it. I am currently having fits with a Oneplus 6T. I had ver 9 working fine but have never had success with the OTA updater. I would just download and sideload the OS through ADB and carry on. Now I can only find the latest images that evidently are based on a later version of android.
Once I get the proper TWRP flashed and sideload the /e/ zip file it will boot into /e/ OS and go through the normal first run steps with the exception of one thing. The system will not recognize my SIM card. This SIM worked with the earlier versions and is working currently in my Pixel 3 with Graphene OS. It will work in the OP6T if I use the MSM tool to install the OE image from T-Mobile.
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
If someone could point me to the page with the previous version that worked fine I wuld just do that.

Thanks in advance

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