OnePlus 6T \ Verizon \ Unable to Modify APN Settings

Hi Guys,

I am troubleshooting two phones, a 4G OnePlus 6T and Moto Edge 5G, connected to the Verizon running /e/OS where MMS texts contain grainy, low quality pictures. The issue seems to be isolated to incoming pictures. Pics sent from these two phones come through just fine on recipient devices.

I am trying to tweak the “Verizon” APN settings on my OnePlus phone however unable to. Attempted to add a new APN however the only other that is editable is the APN name and will not save. No options in the preset APNs can be edited. Tried a third party app that allowed me to enter a new APN and settings accordingly but does not save.

On the Moto Edge, I can add and configure all options from the Settings screen however the profile will not save.

Very odd and would appreciate any thoughts here.

OnePlus 6T OS: 1.4-20220922220394
Moto Edge OS: 1.4-20220923220853

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AOSP CarrierConfigs for Verzion disable editing: assets/carrier_config_carrierid_1839_Verizon-Wireless.xml - platform/packages/apps/CarrierConfig - Git at Google

MMS is actually separate and usually handled by the app itself. The LineageOS and AOSP Messaging app haven’t had their configs updated in 7 years: Log - refs/heads/master - platform/packages/apps/Messaging - Git at Google

/e/OS uses a fork of QKSMS which uses those same configs:

GrapheneOS and my DivestOS provide updates to these, unlike most other systems.

Thank you very much for the information! That explains the issues and my troubles resolving.

I will check out the recommendations for sure. My wife definitely needs better MMS capability for work where I can make sacrifices/work around.