Oneplus 7 pro install help needed sort of + but can I root?

Hello I’ve tried linux windows mac and I can’t get adb going and I want /e/ rooted is this posible?
I’m on Android 10 and it doesn’t have twrp. I followed the lineage os adb guide and the /e/ op7p guide. I’m currently going to try and the one in that videos description. if those are correct then all I do is side load /e/ and lineage os arm64 addonSU 16.0? And i notice on mac you drag it to the terminal. So far theirs a unofficial way to Install twrp I dont know where to start. Thanks. I wanna avoid messing up this semi expensive phone.

I’m not sure what you want. But

  1. If you are on Android 10 the best solution to downgrade for eOS is going first to stock rom. Downgrading is often a pain. So flash stock firmware in same version as eOS is available.

  2. To get twrp running try in fastboot mode: fastboot boot twrp…img. where your twrp.img file must be locaded in the folder from.which you are starting the command.

  3. If you really, really need root on your device, you can flash MagisK via twrp. But you must know, rooting a device makes it unsecure.

EDIT: to be clear: for flashing any custom rom on a device no root is needed. You must have an unlocked bootloader, that’s it.

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I got it going I dragged it to terminal I know how I also wiped in recovery then flashed twrp again. But it’s really broken. I do have 10 or did. Running lates e rom too.