OnePlus 7 Pro Multi-Camera problem

Hello people,
I have a problem with the camera app at my oneplus 7 pro. It is only able to use one backcamera and the frontcamera, but I have no option to use the second and third backcamera. Is there anyone with the same problem or an idea for a solution?

In “camera app”->“settings”->“debug information” there is also shown only 2 “No. of cameras” and “Multi-camera?” says false.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi, I have OnePlus 7T and I think the situation is pretty much the same as for the 7 Pro. As far as I know, Opencamera (from which the /e/ Camera app is forked) does not support the auxiliary cameras on these phones, you would need to use a different camera app for that. I encountered the same problem and found two alternatives: the GCam ports or the OnePlus Camera app – but neither solution is perfect, many problems are still to be expected. But you can get most of the stock functions working if you play around a bit with these two