Oneplus 7 pro no rotation or tilting

Hello! Rotation and tilting doesn’t work for me with /e/ 16 latest build. is it just me? Anybody else have this issue? On lineage 17 latest build it and on stock factory rom it works. So it might be fine. But I was concerned the phones hardware didn’t work. I don’t know too much about this kind of stuff. Thanks. :slight_smile: Also when will android 10 version be out? And will the e maps be available somewhere to download by itself or is it somehow posible to to use it on another rom?

Hello ! The development t/e/am is focused on porting on Pie, and Android 10 won’t come before (a couple of) months.

The Maps app is called “Magic Earth”, you can download it from Aurora Store for instance and use it on every ROM.

Yes thanks. Found it. I look forward to it. Thanks.

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