OnePlus 7 Pro Working on US Verizon?

Hello! I am new to the community, and am looking to install /e/ on my OnePlus 7 Pro. On the GitLab, there are some mentions of bugs having to do with carriers not working, so I was just wondering if anyone was successfully using /e/ on a OnePlus 7 Pro, on Verizon, in the US. I just would like to have a better idea if it works before I install it myself.

Thanks in advanced!

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Hej @anon28538845,
Carrier US Verizon is known to lock the device bootloder on Samsung and G°°gle Pixel Android smartphones for life. So why not with OnePlus?

First check if Unlocking the bootloader is possible on your “guacamoleb”. If so, we’ll talk further, all right?

The bootloader isn’t locked, I purchased the phone unlocked from OnePlus’ website. When I have more time, I will confirm this, but I just put the Verizon sim in, they shouldn’t have any way to magically lock the bootloader OTA (or the carrier, for that matter) just because I insert their sim card (if they could do that, it would be trivial for them to load my phone up with bloatware, and that didn’t happen).

I might be wrong, but I think in the US, OnePlus devices are sold unlocked through their website or through T-Mobile (or is it Sprint?), and that is it. I don’t know much about carriers (what companies have what exclusive at what carriers), and I always buy carrier and bootloader unlocked so I can switch :smile:.

I think you are mixing two different things
SIM-Lock is for carriers
Bootloader-Lock is for OS

No, I am aware that are two different things. Bootloader locking locks the ability to root the phone, a necessity in the installation of third-party ROMs. Carrier locking locks a specific phone to a specific network. Verizon, when you purchase phones directly from them, will often ship phones with both locks enabled. OnePlus, on the other hand, does not. While this may be the case on Sansung phones (where inserting a sim in some regions will lock the phone to that varrier), OnePlus phones (for the most part) stay bootloader and carrier unlocked as you switch sims.

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I don’t know new phones solded without any OS installed on it.
I think OnePlus has sold you a phone with stock-android/goolag on it.
So you have to unlock the bootloader if you want to replace it.
Rooting is necessary to modify a stock-OS but not to install a custom-OS, for that, you need a custom-recovery. To flash a custom-recovery, you need to unlock the bootloader.

Well, since the bootloader isn’t locked, it doesn’t matter if the “guacamoleb” is from the US carrier Verizon or not or which SIM card is used. So you have all possibilities to install a custom ROM like / /e/ for guacamoleb dev (pie) or other ROMs up to base ASOP 1Q.

/e/ User experiences with the OnePlus 7 Pro are easy to find … :eye: Search …