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When installing /e/ on hotdogb, I run into problems with fastboot driver, so running “fastboot devices” produced no output. I think this is a common problem for newer OnePlus devices Win10. Below is a solution I had to follow and now it works fine, no need to download/install 3rd party drivers. Maybe it could be added to the docs:

Reboot phone to fastboot and connect to PC → on PC open Device Manager → Locate “Android Device”, it will have a yellow triangle next to it & right click and select update driver → “Browse my computer for drivers” → “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer” → “Android Device” → “Android Bootloader interface” → “Next”

After this, running “fastboot devices” again should display your device

  1. Enable OEM unlock in the Developer options under device Settings, if present.

IS confusingly imprecise. I have a 7t and it has the oem unlock, but since i did not find it by oem or unlock i at first assumed (had not done developer unlock yet) it may not be there and off course ran into trouble later. So improvements

  • Mention settings are under System->Developer Options-> Unlock oem
  • Remove the “if present”
  • Link the oneplus article in that instruction line 1.
  • remind to enable developer options

In 5, if you get oem locking not allowed error message, do step one

Also, why is the partitions download not mentioned in the “downloads” section. Seems like mixing of styles. Ie the suggestion is to add the partitions download link to the Downloads section

I got a successful install, but not with these instructions. Specifically the sideload of e was saying “adb error reading: success” .
Kind of mixed message, which led me to do three installs with dev, stable, and finally twrp.
The twrp sideload went through fine.
Reading up on it i somewhere read that the “error: success” can be “normal”. If it is, is strongly suggest to add that into the docs, because it does not make for a good feeling.
Alternatively the docs could be extended to use twrp
(I am unsure why not all installation processes use twrp, as it is available, no effort for e to maintain, and does the job well. A work about that would not hurt, as one runs into twrp instructions a fair bit and does not understand easily why it should or should not be used)

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