OnePlus 7T: "Timed out waiting for FUSE to be ready. F:Failed to write message STAT?: Broken pipe"

Hi - this is my third /e/ phone. I’ve flashed it onto other phones (Oneplus One, SGS6) and have bought a refurbed SGS9+ from Murena. I’m attempting to install /e/ on my new (to me) Oneplus 7T running Android 12 using the easy-installer snap on Linux. I’m an old Linux hand but I don’t have much experience flashing phones manually.

There’s a mismatch between the actual sha265sum of and the one listed in I got around that by following the instructions elsewhere on the forum (I basically downloaded all the hashes on and then downloaded the zip that corresponded to the checksum in the copy of that easy-installer had downloaded and wrote it on top of, then restarted easy-installer.)

The flashing process seemed to proceed in the /e/-branded RECOVERY mode, apparently dding partition images on top of device partitions, until the process aborted with the following error:

Timed out waiting for FUSE to be ready.
F:Failed to write message STAT?: Broken pipe

The prior dding process seemed to have completed successfully:

Any tips for where to go next with this?

(I did try the opposite version of the hash mismatch tip above, creating a new .sha256sum file based on the latest Android S stable build, but easy-installer overwrote the checksum file with the mismatched one, downloaded with a different hash, and then stalled. Note this isn’t my issue, really - the FUSE timeout is.)

I installed 1.18-t-dev following the hint at Touchscreen does not work after command line install of /e/ OS S on hotdogb and following the instructions Install /e/OS on a OnePlus 7T - “hotdogb”. I wouldn’t have expected the build for Android 13 to work, but it did. It installed more cleanly than e-1.18-s-stable (which had given me a scary warning about my unlocked bootloader) and the touchscreen works.

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