OnePlus 7T will randomly freeze and go to Qualcomm Crash Dump

Hey all, my phone has been randomly freezing during usage and crashing. It’ll then go to the infamous, “Qualcomm Crash Dump” screen.

Any insight why this is happening? This was not an issue before for me. I wonder if it has anything to do with the latest update? Thanks in advance.

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Same issue here. Also with OP7T
No replies since December, really?
I’ve had this a few times in the past day or so…
Any insight??

WELL, here might be helpfull for anyone who might also have this problem as well…

Same here.

But, i have created topic, with image and log, but my topic is deleted.

More problem for oneplus 7t, crash Camera, 4g, access file retention, privacy not good ( my phone send data in Germany server, without my authorization ) etc…

Its a really good project, but for Oneplus 7T it’s bad.

Just adding a cross reference to this hotdogb report Feedback for v1.10 - #7 by 9135ch → → Feedback for v1.10 - #37 by 9135ch

It sounds like a case where someone might Report an issie