OnePlus 8 and /e/OS v2

Hello community,
I have oneplus 8 with /e/OS1.21-r-202403233388914-stable-instantnoodle.
Is /e/OS v2 release planned for stable channel?

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I tested version 2.0. at least for the moment you get stuck in fastboot. This is why it’s not rolled out.

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Please note, that Android 11 is no longer supported by Google, with no security updates from their side.
(unsupported as of February 5, 2024).

That is a problem. Is there a plan to switch the stable channel to T build for instantnoodle?

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It’s a bit disappointing, that there is apparently no way to upgrade to S or T from the current stable branch… I chose the Oneplus8Pro particularly because I read here in the forum that it will be probably well maintained…

The same for me. I chose to buy a refurbed phone from the stable list (oneplus 8) and to support /e/ foundation throught patreon on monthly base.

  • What lead to the decision to drop stable support for it? I know that there were no more updates for R version from the AOSP upstream, but why do try to jump to S as done for hotdogb (7T) ?
  • Is there something the we can do to support that move?
  • If R is no more supported, why stable label is still in the list?

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We do not have dedicated maintainers for the device. Where ever possible, we do try to upgrade devices to the next OS version. If there are any such plans to upgrade, I shall share the details on the forum.

We would welcome users with ROM building skills to step up and help with the ROM Maintaining tasks.

That is an error in the documentation. Will have that removed.

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