Oneplus 8 pro request

Request for oneplus 8 pro

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Request for OnePlus 8 Pro as well please.

Request for OnePlus 8 Pro as well please.

Also requesting OnePlus 8 Pro

Yes, that would be great! e/OS/ on Oneplus 8!

OnePlus 8 Pro IN2025 REQUEST

luk1337, a crDroid dev did the work and upstreamed (all three OP8 device configs) to Lineage and created the accompanying wiki entry as recently as end of march. So if /e/ includes the device in its build targets you should be able to test. If you cannot wait, there are howtos to help with building, see faq.

that would be great if e would run on the oneplus 8 pro

Yes, and now that LineageOS has also come to OnePlus 8 Pro (instantnoodlep), it will be very cool with an unGoogled OnePlus phone, that has 5G!

I think late summer will see the general availability of Android 11 / Lineage 18.1 based /e/-r and thus instandnoodle/p support. Maybe earlier with using a GSI