Oneplus 8 stuck in fastboot

I was using the easy-installer on my oneplus 8 and had some problems on the way.
Now I can boot into fastboot, I have unlocked the bootloader but I am stuck in a bootloop and the screen is showing a warning about orange state. Is there a way to flash my device to e/os/ manually in fastboot mode?

Yes you can, but be warned that it’s risky. I have not used easy installer since a very long time ago so I propose to you the “manual” way.

Follow the guide here: but skip chapter Unlocking the bootloader if your bootloader is already unlocked
Files needed are here:

Good luck!

I managed to fix my phone. I used fastbootd to boot into recovery. From there I “sideloaded” with the command adb. My guess is that the easy installer only works if the one plus is still on android 11.