Oneplus 8 support please!

Please add support for Oneplus 8!

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I like Sean30n’s suggestion


I see that on the LineageOS Wiki that the OnePlus 8 is supported (IN versions 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015). I utilize T-Mobile’s network here in the US and I can obtain one of these devices and have it unlocked by paying in full. I would love to see this device supported by /e/. All T-Mobile bands (4G Ext. Range: 12, 71 - 4G: 2,4,5,66 - 3G: 4,2 - 2G: 2) are supported and this would be an excellent device for years!

My /e/ S9 and S9+ (SMG960 & 965 F/DS models) are great but being non USA phones they lack some of these bands (66 on S9+, 71 on both), so coverage is sub-par. It also appears Samsung is utilizing Knox to block flashing to the bootloaders as they release their Android updates. I’m ready to move from Samsung to O+.

The Moto G7 Plus (XT1965-T, see “Customer questions & answers”) is another phone that supports all TMobile bands. I recently ordered a couple to flash eOS on for testing. This is a great phone from the reviews but mid-range hardware-wise in comparison to the OnePlus 8 (3000 vs 4300 mAh battery too).

Thanks /e/Team.

I just picked up a oneplus 8 and I would live /e/ on it.

I concur here. Just got a OP 8 on T-Mobile wanting to put /e/ on it. Supporting IN2017 would be great!