Oneplus 8T kebab update from V0.23 to V1.0 with a little issue

Everything seems to be OK except the footprint device driver.

-1- Things done to minimize issues:

  • deinstall my VPN app to avoid mismatch/conflicts with the new “advanced privacy setting”. It seems that it’s a good idea because after V1.0 installed system says that the phone is using “advanced privacy VPN”

  • Change my default launcher from Ruthless to Bliss to avoid potential conflicts or untested behaviors.

-2- What is running fine :
All my major apps (FairEmail, NewPipe, Joplin, Keepass, pCloud, Brave browser,… and all the preinstalled eos apps (Magic earth, calendar, camera…)
The network : 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth

-3- What is NOT working :

  • The footprint reader. It seems that there is an issue between the footprint driver and the privacy settings. If the ROM maintaining team needs log or complementary investigation tell me.

Another time, thanks eOS team for your hard work .

Long life to Murena/eOS

When I say footprint you have to understand fingerprint…
Be sure I never try to unlock my phone with my feet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m having this issue as well. I took a screenshot of the message that was popping up, and I’ll post it below. I’ve since reset my phone and setup /e/ again, but I noticed that while I was setting up my phone it asked for a fingerprint. That leads me to think the device and driver are there and detected, something might just be blocking access to it.

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I’m in line with @DrinkingPants74 feeling. Because when the phone is booting from power off state there is no warning message, including when I hit my pincode to have access to the main screen. So I think at this stage everything is OK (both HW and SW) But when my phone is off and I try to wake up using the fingerprint device the warning message is popping leading to think : acess to fingerprint device/driver is locked.

I can confirm this. Fingerprint reader is not working since update to 1.0 yesterday. Before i had 0.23 installed where fingerprint was working.

Another small question to other kebab users not related to the 1.0 upgrade:
I installed LineageOS and later /e/ as it was available right away after I got my phone couple of months ago (256GB EU version bought from a shop in the netherlands). I only tested the stock ROM a couple of minutes just out of curiosity. But on stock ROM I was able to wake up screen when I touched fingerprint reader. On /e/ I always have to switch the screen on first and am then able to unlock via fingerprint. Is that the expected behavior on Lineage or /e/?

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Same issue with the fingerprint sensor.

I was hoping V1.1 release could solve that issue.
Unfortunately bug is still pending