Oneplus 9 pro fingerprint dosn't work

I’m using /e/os 1.4 lemonadep on oneplus 9 pro.
It’s a great combination, but for me it’s important, that the fingerprint scanner functions.

Sadly, since 3 or 4 updates (before it was unsatisfying, but it worked) the fingerprint scanner is useless. because it is possible to create 5 different finger prints, but for any action no fingers are recognized.

Does anyone have similar problems, or is it maybe a bug at my device?

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I understand your frustration. The fingerprint scanner on my oneplus7T is very unreliable (with v1.0 stable or v1.4 stable). Only about 1/10 scans actually work. I didn’t have any problems with the stock firmware so I think this is an issue with e.OS.