OnePlus 9 Pro installation fails

I went through all the steps several times with the same results. When I sideload the copy-partitions .zip it does everything as described in the instructions,except at the end the error message *failed to read command: pops up. (see screenshot)

When I try to continue the procedure and install e/OS as per the instructions that installation also fails. No error message in the ADB window, only on the phone. (see other pic)

Any help would be appreciated

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Hi @UTK welcome to the /e/ forum.

If you see “error” but not “Fail” did you already try booting into system? What happens when you do that?

The last line of output on your phone in the photo prompts to reboot recovery. I’ve seen this before somewhere (see below) and at this stage you should reboot the recovery on the phone, using the menu on the phone. When it’s rebooted sideload the os zip again and carry on to completion.

The output on your phone all looks good.

Tip: some of the “failed to read command” outputs when sideloading from pc are confusing but normal. Usually the zip is finished sending to phone at 47% and then you see the “failed to read…” Ignore it.

I don’t know whether is “normal” for this device needing sideload of os twice in succession it might be. I do wonder though if one was to reboot the recovery after sideloading the copy-partitions zip has finished installing would make a difference. Needs someone to try it. :wink:

Yes, I did go through the whole thing several times and it rebooted into the original OnePlus OS each and every time.
I did get it finally figured out though. If you’re interested, please check out my response to chrisrg’s suggestion.
Thank you for your help!

Thank you for your quick response!
I think I did on one of those many times I tried the installation and reboot into recovery and install the OS .zip again. I actually came across the thread that you quoted.

The thing that finally did it for me was your suggestion to reboot into recovery again after installing the copy-partitions .zip. Also, for good measure, I did a wipe and factory reset before installing that, as well as after. Not sure what did the trick, but it’s finally working!

Thank you for your help!