OnePlus 9 Pro (LE2125) eOS Upgrade

Hi Guys,

Any recommended steps for upgrading the firmware on a OnePlus device specifically a 9 Pro (LE2125 \ lemonadep)?

I am currently running eOS “S” with the aim of moving to “T”. Still searching the internet for any more updates but have downloaded Oxygen OS 13 from the OnePlus website:

Appreciate any help with this and thanks, gang.

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Just an update here, I figured this out the hard way… bricked my phone. :sweat_smile:

I used the MSM Tool to restore the device which set me back to OOS Downloaded and manually installed the following versions of OOS releases:

  • OOS 11 \ Full Rom - .\
  • OOS 12 \ C.48 Full Rom - .\
  • OOS 12 \ C.65 Full Rom - .\

OOS 13 requires at least 12 C.64 before you can upgrade. After installing C.65 above, I upgraded to 13 using the OnePlus OTA Updater on the phone which appears to be: OOS 13 \ LE2125_13.1.0.592 Full Rom - .\

Now I am off to install eOS “T”!