OnePlus 9 Pro model LE2127

I just got my new OnePlus 9 Pro, model LE2127. Any plans to add this model to the list? Should I try to install as if I have a listed model? What are the likely outcome and risks?

I managed to get /e/OS running on this model. You can follow my adventure here Help! Installation problems on OnePlus 9 Pro 5G (model LE2127) on t-mobile - #9 by dirby7. However, the process was risky and it feels like I was lucky to get it to work. However, it does seem like it wouldn’t take much tweaking to fully support this model - to make the installation more reliable, to correctly identify the model number, and to recognize all of the resolutions supported by the cameras. I hope the ROM Maintainers will get a chance to review my experience and update support for OnePlus 9 Pro to include the LE2127 model, and resolve the camera resolution issue - maybe even with an OTA update.