OnePlus 9 Pro: relock bootloader

Love /e/!! Keep up the great work!!

Many other custom ROMs state you can relock the bootloader with their custom ROM installed on the OnePlus 9 / 9 Pro. (lemonade, lemonadep)

Possible with e?


Many? I know Calyx, but what others?

Anyway, not possible to relock bootloader with eOS on OP9 and most of the other devices that are supported.

And today, bad news from Calyx that bootloader locking will not be possible on the oneplus devices with android 12 firmware…

Ugh… thanks for heads up… Fortunately, Team Calyx has not given up on a relocked bootloader… as per their statement/release… we shall see…

If you google ‘oneplus 9 custom rom’ you will find a plethora of ROM options, including the newly released DivestOS, in Beta…

I prefer /e/ for now, however, I might switch to Divest if/when it’s stable… for multiple reasons:

  1. Locked Bootloader
  2. Enhanced Privacy
  3. Bolstered Security (OS & Physical)
  4. Hypatia (which I use now)

Yeah, I’ve got divest os on a PH-1 with locked bootloader. It’s fine although I would need wifi calling as an option for daily use. Not available on divest.

Thanks for the tip but I wouldn’t google anything tbh, ha ha.

Don’t try divest just yet on op9 it probably won’t boot.But I see you won’t anyway.

I’m sticking with Calyx on my op9 daily. Love it and I’ve got a pixel5 as backup.

Yes… no Google… lol… I use /e/ on their Browser… and SwissCows or Metager on my others… Quad9 or Aha for DNS…

Is there a reason you use Calyx over /e/on your OP9 as your daily driver?

Currently using /e/ on mine and the v1.x updates have really given /e/ a significant advantage over the other ROMs… imho

Now if ONLY we could relock the bootloader… hmmmm… :thinking: