Oneplus 9 Pro Users, Does it work in the USA? VoLTE enabled?

Does anyone in this forum have Oneplus 9 pro in the US? Does the VoLTE work?

Our people in other countries, do you have any warnings?

I haven’t purchased the phone yet (and after an epic fail with a Samsung device), but I’m trying to confirm it will work well in my situation.

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I can say this my Oneplus Nord does not work with VoLTE or the 5G bands/technology.

They are working on it in the gitlab but slow moving, but I think they have learned part of the problem. Once the Nord is fixed they may be able to apply strategy across the Oneplus line?

I am in Canada so same as US.

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This is helpful. That’s what I was suspicious of. There are multiple factors that all need to be accounted for to have a custom ROM working in the US.

Since I posted that message, I’ve come to the decision that the Fairphone 4 is the best hardware that I know for sure works in the US. There are ways to get it shipped now.

Thanks for your insights. I hope things get worked out for Oneplus

I am using the Pixel 4a5g and both VoLTE and 5G are functional. I think the Pixels ROM works a bit different with custom ROM’s so I would expect Pixel 5 and 5a would work too but I have not tested.

Have a look here:.

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