Oneplus Nord Avicii - residual 4G traffic in spite of configurations to limit traffic: 1Kb is charged by the operator


On my Oneplus Nord Avicii I kept the configurations to block any LTE traffic and also setup limits of 0MB to avoid all and any traffic through service provider and only allow it through Wi-Fi. However on 2 occasions I was charged for a residual traffic that happened of 1Kb.

It might be a real pain for the development team to figure out where that 1Kb comes from but the only thing I could relate to it is when I manually set it in airplane mode. But this isn’t 100% sure because I do it almost every day and only twice this month this was charged so some minor leak somewhere not easy to spot.

I can live with this limitation because the provider already offered to block Internet traffic from my phone number but I tend to believe this traffic is due to some minor leak in spite of the setup I have blocking Internet traffic through the provider and allow only through Wi-Fi.

NOTE: the advanced privacy was disabled in both ocasions.


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I was very surprised to find “unexpected use of chargeable mobile data” caused by this setting found in Developer Options “Always keep mobile data active, even when Wi-Fi is active (for fast network switching)”.


Only now I got to check your explanation. In fact I’ve accessed the developer options and got surprised also with that option active by default. I’ve just switched it off and will monitor my 2nd SIM card which still has 4G active. I’ve realised the available balance has been decreasing a few cents since I’ve posted this question and I’m convinced that when I set the phone to airplane mode, sometimes, is when I get the additional charge for internet consumption.
I’ll put an additional comment in a couple of weeks and confirm if the SIM balance remained constant.