OnePlus Nord - Avicii

The phone is not yet available, but it will be soon and i’m thinking of it to replace my 5 years old OnePlus X running /e/. It would be great to continue to use it on my new phone.

OnePlus Nord product page
Wikipedia page

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Since the device comes with Android 8.1 or higher, the device is probably treble supported so you will be able to install an unofficial GSI image.

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Oneplus Nord would be a very nice choice containing e. Please consider selling the device as new with pre-installed e in your web shop, as you do with Fairphone3, instead of some old refurbished models. I will order one straight away.

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Oneplus Nord would be very Nice.

There is already an Unofficial Lineage OS on XDA

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Just turnes official on Lineage :slight_smile:


Indeed, the OnePlus Nord is now officialy supported by Lineage!

A big step for an official /e/ build ?

@Manoj Is there a way to edit the name of the topic, I made a mistake, the codename of the Nord is Avicii, AC2001(Indian) and AC2003(global) are models (both supported)


I have updated the topic. Pl check if it is correct

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All good!

What about the chances to get an official build ? :innocent:

Since OnePlus Nord (avicii) has official LineageOS support, i have easily built an unofficial eOS 0.14 Q build (by following official “How to build the /e/ ROM”)

Stable ? Haven’t tested 100%, but for now everything seems working well.
Bugs ?

  1. In camera app, when you switch the camera lenses, with camera+ icon, lenses ID:0 2 3 7 are OK, but lenses ID:4 and 6 show an error, and may crash the app. Just terminate the app, and it will restart with main lens ID:0.
  2. OTA updates not working for the moment

How to install ?

When it says to flash lineage…zip, put e-0.14…zip instead.

Let’s hope official e support will come soon. Kiss to /e/ team.


Dedicated topic

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Great! I was planning to do it myself, but can’t find the time to do it for now…
I am going to follow your topic and try to find some time to flash!

I’m also giving a vote to the Nord, would be great to get official /e/ OS on this device.

I’m replacing my S7 with a Nord, so I hope an official build will follow soon and I can get back to /e/.

With the official LOS support and working inofficial /e/ build it seems like a low-hanging fruit to get a current available and affordable device supported.

There aren’t that many OEMs left that let you unlock the bootloader, sadly…


Just wanted to give another vote for Oneplus Nord. I’m running Lineage now and will switch to /e/ when available.


Upvote for OnePus Nord support.