OnePlus Nord CE 5G 'ebba'

it would be very nice if /e/ OS gets ported to the OnePlus Nord CE 5G because:

  1. I like the OS
  2. The Nord CE just has a too little amount of ROMS (Only unofficial LineageOS and Pixel Experience Ports…)

If this helps, my OnePlus Nord CE is an european model.

I can’t port it myself, because I have way too little knowledge about making/porting ROMs.
If no one can port, it’s fine but still a bit sad, because I like the phone, and it deserves more and better ROMs.

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Hi @Viper03 welcome to the /e/ forum.

Please can you indulge an old man and provide the device code for this #nord ?

The following search of #e-devices:request-a-device + Nord gives 19 results:

I build for Oneplus One bacon, if you have information about the Lineage official, please can you share the link.

This can be a problem for new users but you can get round it by putting your link in a code block </> like this:


Thank you.


the Codename should be “ebba”.

If this helps:
The Phone has a Snapdragon 750G and 8 GB of RAM

There are No official Lineage OS Links, but there are unofficial Ports/Builds on the XDA Developers Website:

Thanks for answering me!

wow, many cool replies here.

ig there will never be a good os for the nord ce.

It is possible that Android 11 /e/ could be built for OnePlus Nord CE ebba based on the work by @GriefNorth linked here.