OnePlus Nord N200 Completely Dead

The phone is now completely dead. Pressing power button does nothing. (There was still 60% charge the last time it was alive. Plugging in to charge, does nothing. Pressing volume down + power does nothing. adb or fastboot do not see the phone. By nothing, I do mean nothing. No activity at all.

Commands that got me here .
bootloader is unlocked
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot devices sees the phone
fastboot flash boot recovery-e-1.11-s-20230511288805-dev-dre.img
fastboot shows flash complete
unplug phone from usb cable
push power button to turn off so I can manually reboot into recovery mode
screen displays the icon a couple of times and then dies. Have not been able to get any response from it since.

Does anyone know of a hardware reset switch on the logic board or any hardware thing I can try to revive it. Or any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @roy23 welcome to the /e/ forum.

It is likely that your phone is in EDL mode. This mode is unresponsive to fastboot and adb, requiring MSM download tools. Please bear in mind it is a very powerful tool and prepare yourself for a fair amount of reading before you start. You might start here

A search for OnePlus + EDL or OnePlus Nord + EDL will produce results on this forum and more widely on the web.

Good luck


Thank You aibd !
MSM did the trick.