OnePlus One - Connections on Installation


Directly after installation and enabling WLAN the following IPs get contacted and > 30k on data are transmitted:

Is this a already known issue?


According to this website, this IP is asking to Amazon CloudFront.

This IP is related to

So I think that this is an interesting one, since 30kb on data are transmitted to this IP. I have seen IPs within a similar range that are connected with the Qualcomm positionen services. I wonder wether this connection depends on the chipset of the mobile device.

Is there a way to prevent this?

it’s crazy, a lot of apps are using these amazon servers. there is no real chance to stopp these connections. if you are blocking the amazon cloudfront ip’s (around 100) some apps won’t work

i have the same on my OPO

I dont’t think that this is comming from an app. I have another OPO 1 here with LineageOS and it connects also on startup and sometimes on enabling position service to different IPs registered to QUALCOMM (e.g. Seems like something within the vendor blobs. I think it would be possible to prevent by setting up some ip-table rules within the installer?

You can block.them with AFWall plus. The better firewall is NoRootFirewall but it’s start after that connection.

Yes, but I wonder if it would be possible to provide protection against this issue by default within the operating system? I guess that all devices running on Snapdragon / qualcomm may have this issue and these are a lot of devices nowadays.

As you can see here

It’s a android system call. I don’t think anyone can block it as long as the system uses original vendor blobs


I see, thank you very much