Oneplus One meteo widget doesn't update temperatures

Oneplus One meteo widget doesn’t update temperatures. Any ideas ?

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It works again. I did not understand what happened.


I have an possible explanation as I think I got the same problem. First, for disambiguation, this post is about the “meteo” widget that cannot be disabled with the interface, not the one that comes with the integrated Weather app.

Current behaviour

There is a choice in the meteo widget: use device location or a preset location. If preset location is in use, everything is OK, but if device location is in use, then the display is updated only if the location is enabled in the system settings, which may not be always the case.

Expected behaviour

When the widget is told to use device location and the system device location is disabled, the widget could use the last location it got (as it is currently displaying an old version of the weather for this location) and update itself to display current weather at that location.

PS: I think the real name is “weather widget” instead of “meteo widget”, even if there is another widget called “weather”.

By the way, why forcing the use of this weather widget in addition to the (optional) widget that comes with the default application widget ?

If you are referring to the Bliss launcher allowing you to add the weather widget inspite of there already being a widget pl raise it as an improvement feature on Gitlab. The developer is working on some extensive enhancements on the BlissLauncher code at present to optimize it.

Done: #1564