OnePlus platform: How to get dtbo.img & vbmeta.img?

The template of manual install instructions (e.g. I’m following for guacamole / OnePlus 7 Pro) say 2 partition images need to be flashed first:

  • dtbo.img
  • vbmeta.img

… and that these files can be unzipped from the “eRecovery zip file” available in the Downloads section. But the Downloads (e.g. dev build for guacamole, which I’m using, and also “stable”) only has links for:

  • recovery.img files
  • the OS installation ZIPs

Nether of these have any other *.img files extractable from them in any way I can tell. But the Easy Installer is doing that somehow because I’ve seen it install dtbo.img & vbmeta.img when automatically installing the R (stable) build on the guacamole.

How is it getting those files, and how can we get them to use in a manual install?

Please see the weekly Development updates topic for an answer to your questions.

@chrisrg thanks to you & @Manoj for confirming that payload-dumper-go will work. Tthat was my backup plan in case I didn’t hear from anyone here: or using the LineageOS tools at Extracting proprietary blobs from payload-based OTAs.

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p.s. the procedure I ended up using was in fact this one; it was simpler (not requiring the Go language) because the 2 images required are both directly available from the payload file… that is, the 2nd half of the procedure, with mounting all the individual images, was also not required.

I’ll be posting more about the overall experience of getting T (dev) to work on the guacamole (edit: here). Maybe most important: although dtbo.img was the same (checksum) between the latest dev S and T versions, the vbmeta.img was different:

From reading through all the OnePlus “touch screen doesn’t work” postings today, I would guess a lot of those problems could come from flashing the wrong version of the vbmeta image (or not flashing these 2 images at all).

Based on your experience (and other) I created Documentation instructions to extract dtbo.img and vendor_boot.img from e-recovery.img – #7386. – btw, nice thorough report you wrote here OnePlus 7 Pro: instructions & supported devices - #2 by rphair

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i don’t understand the solution here… where is the solution??

No need to use that solution now that 1.17 has been released. The “Recovery and Boot Image” file is a .zip file that you can extract and get the dtbo.img and vbmeta.img files from.

yeah but i can’t reach the 1.17 recovery so i would like to know how to get those files for the android R or Q version of this Oneplus Nord

Q and R for the Nord is no longer supported. What do you mean by saying, “I can’t reach the 1.17 recovery”?

from fastboot, after install the recovery1.17S when i go to recovery mode, the phone just come back to the fastboot and never reach the recovery installed

btw i’ve solved going with eos R without using these img and it seem all ok. then i downloaded the 1.17S via OTA… testing these days if all is ok

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after around 10 days of testing i’ve not yet spotted any problem