Online office suite (NextCloud Office)

Hey guys!

Thank you for a supreme effort, it’s greatly appreciated!
I’ve been a paying customer for a while now, but I have yet to adopt the online office suite fully. In part, because it, up until now, has not supported Zotero reference manager. In general, I find the office suite sub-optimal in terms of navigating files, renames, and simple tasks like that.
I want to know if you have considered switching to NextCloud office, which is a collab between NextCloud and Collabora?
From what I know, Collabora should be just as good, if not better than OnlyOffice, and at least it’s more open-source. For now, I’m using Libreoffice, but I’m having issues when presenting at places that only provide MS Office, and therefor I’d very much like to start using browser-based presentation again (after ditching gogol).

Looking forward to people’s opinions.

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I use both. OnlyOffice is currently better regarding rendering. I have more issues with collbora office ATM. However, in longterm I prefere collabora office.

I have issues editing files with LibreOffice (LO) and OnlyOffice (OO) at the same time.

  • OO looses edits on files created with LO (OD files) even after editing, saving, printing. The document closed and open has lost the edits.

The OO forum says that

  • OO is outdated, and
  • OO support OOXML (Microsoft Open XML) natively, but not ODF

I’m surprised that Murena did not go with Collabora that supports ODF natively, but also others (MOX)

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