Online office suite

So Ive revisited OnlyOffice on Murena. Zotero still isn’t functional, and the sharing and renaming is confusing, at least to me.
To me, the moat essential features of an online office suite is version history, easy collaboration, at the ability to utilise references.
I think all these are available in newer iterations of OnlyOffice, but I also think its part of the Collabora suite, which builds on LibreOffice which is really worth supporting, and has an excellent Android app.

AFAIK there might be a problem with it being costly on a server like Murena, but Im not sure.

All in all I would like to use Murena to collaborate with my academic peers, but this seems impossible at the current state. Are there any plans or thougts along the lines of updating or replacing the current OnlyOffice?

Thanks for a great service and OS. I really appriciate what you’re doing, and will gladly pay even more for an improved service :blush: