Only able to acces some websites using mobile data. DNS error?


I finally managed to install /e/ on my Samsung galaxy S8 using Easy Installer. I was missing some drivers that prevented installation in the first place. I installed Samsung Switch to my Win 10 and got the drivers needed.

But now I have a strange problem. I can access only some websites using mobile data. WiFi works fine. I can access, and but not for example. Or many other sites. It seems not be related to domain (com, org) I get DNS error on browser. App store is not working using mobile data. Also apps that needs internet access are not working on mobile data. Everything works fine on WiFi. Calls and text messages works fine.

If I change DNS server to or I can not access to any site. I have also tried manually set up carrier settings but those did not make any difference.

I have now installed /e/ OS twice to this Galaxy S8 but the same problem persists.

Mobile data works fine with the same Sim card on my One Plus X that also has /e/ OS. I am also able to change DNS server on that phone.

Any idea what might the problem?


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I managed to solve the problem! It was wrong carrier settings after all. Somehow Samsung S8 does not necessarily get correct carrier settings (APN) from the carrier and those should be set manually. In my case I use operator that previously was independent operator but got bought by a larger operator. Phone had found this large operators APN settings and I did not realize that my operator still has its own APN settings. When I inserted those, everything works!

It would be nice if you folks on e can add description of this to Samsung S8 install guide. “Correct carrier APN settings should be set manually if certain websites are not accessible using mobile data”. There are at least two users facing similar problems on this forum.

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Thank you for documenting this.

A family member, acqiring a hand me down phone, had the same, many years without /e/!

We called the carrier as soon as we began to see a problem and the call handler could immediately tell we had the wrong settings, like you, due to change of carrier ownership. :slightly_smiling_face:

Does anyone know if there is a dial out code you can use to have those settings confirmed and applied?

Thank you so much for sharing this, I just had the same problem on my Fairphone 3. With your experience I was able to fix it - phew!