Only few new devices recently

Hey there,

just because I am curious. I recognized that within the last few month only very few new devices where being added as supported devices.

How come?

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…maybe lack of maintainers ?

Also /e/ list of device depends on Lineage list.

Are there new models from their side ?

Hi. I totally agree. I also noticed, only a few devices were added, since 1.11.
I have a poco f3, alioth. I can not update to the newest e/os vetsion.
Still waiting for the released.

Can anyone help me? Does anyone have news?

We will add newer devices once the /e/OS T builds go out. The idea, in fact my suggestion, was we take one step at a time. Instead of releasing upgrades and new devices in one shot. That way, we upgrade existing devices first and then introduce new ones. The current plan is to release /e/OS T in August along with v1.14 which should come out roughly towards the end of August.


I just sadly break the screen of my Oneplus Nord avicii few days ago… Not so simple to find a new supported device, only 3 from 2022 :confused:
I will try to repair the screen, or get a refurbished FP4

I still believe that a “build request wizard” that collects proposed devices’ (re)sources and inserts them into a registered-users votable build scheduling list could be a much more efficient/effective strategy for this goal.

Of course a dedicated app/db (such as SpecDevice, for example) would be cool to collect devices’ details to ask for a build or “push” (= vote) its position in the build shedule list.

Last but not least, it would be also extremely cool to have an \e\ autobuild serv-ice/er, but is well known that’s difficult to materially achieve it (a GAN assistance is probably required)…

…anyway here are some scripts that might be inspiring (note: dunno about their state/functionalities achieved, but looks interesting… it would be nice to involve those devs, IMHO !):


Hope that inspires !

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Sounds great!

I am still looking for a compact phone and the Asus Zenfone 8 seemed like the perfect option but since they deactivated the bootloader unlock… Its not working anymore.

I am looking forward on the new phones!

OK, here’s a very basic example (made in Google Forms) of a wizard that \e\ should adopt for device requests:

Hope that inspires.

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