OnlyKey WebAuthn

Hi everyone,

Recently I bought a OnlyKey and I came across an issue with using the Google Authenticator TOTP feature.

I need to set the Key time before I can use the TOTP feature and this is done by going to and the website sets this automatically back to the Key.

I cannot get Firefox for Android, nor the Nightly Firefox version to work properly with OnlyKey through the web app.
I would like to ask you if this might have to do with microG services and WebAuthn as suggested in the OnlyKey forum: doesn't work with Android Chrome/Firefox running custom ROM CalyxOS - Mobile Support - OnlyKey Community Forum. (time GooglePlay service not included in microG).
Does anyone have experience with OnlyKey + /e/OS that can point me to the right direction?

I am using FP3 with the following software versions:
Android 10
Lineage OS API level:
llama (9)
/e/ Play system update:

Thank you in advance,

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according to Security/Web Authentication - MozillaWiki

Firefox for Android (Fenix) supports the Google Play Services FIDO2 authenticator for WebAuthn

I think you’ll need to wait for Support for U2F / Fido2 / webauthn? · Issue #849 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub to be implemented. Subscribe and wait a few months?

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@tcecyk thanks for your answer.

I already subscribed to the GitHub issue, lets see if it is going to be implemented.

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it’s happening :eyes:Add initial implementation for Fido and GmsCompliance APIs · microg/GmsCore@ebc270c · GitHub … some more weeks to arrive in a ROM near you?

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marvin merged nfcsupport (and ctap2 and more) with the fido implementation, so it really came along