OP 6T Doesn't recognise APK files!

OP 6T running 20210125.232200, Magisk and /e/ Recovery (now TWRP) doesn’t recognize APK files! Can’t install Magisk Manager or TWRP App. F-Droid Classic, Aurora and Apps all work.

The last /e/ update broke Magisk (which I now understand is to be expected). Rather than apply the fix (which can be downloaded via the Magisk Manager, I just decided to uninstall and reinstall Magisk. It was recommended to do this via TWRP which I am familiar with, but I was using the simpler /e/ recovery. As I was not sure how, or even if, the /e/ recovery could run the Magisk uninstaller, I just installed TWRP. Then I booted into /e/ to install the Magisk Manager and now the OS no longer recognizes the APK as an installer. I tried to install the TWRP App, but that also isn’t recognized either. The OS opens a window asking which App I want to use to open the file (for Magisk Manager, I’m offered OpenKeychain, Librera Pro, Magic Earth, AntennaPod or OsmAnd).

I used TWRP 3.5.0 to uninstall and reinstall Magisk, so I am rooted again so AFWall+ works again, but without the manager installed I get lots of Apps complaining that my phone is rooted. So, I’m missing a lot of functionality.

I’m not sure if this is possible, but I propose making a backup of my Data partition in TWRP, doing a standard wipe then reinstall /e/, then recover my Data partition, or worst case, manually reinstall and configure everything.

  1. Will my proposal work? 2) Is that my best bet? 3) is there a better or simpler solution or thing to try before wiping my Data partition?

As always, all help and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


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If it can help : [HOWTO] Backup and Restore Data on Android Devices

That looks like a great resource. Thank you so much. In the absence of any other suggestions, I will proceed with my plan, and armed with what you have given me, I’m sure I will be fine!