OP Nord and e OS starting from A12

i’m trying to install eos 1.17 from command line to this phone and starting from android 12.1 at the latest update of sept2023.
I can’t access the recovery following the guide i find on this website and the phone goes to bootloop.
If i try the matching dev recovery package i got the same outcome.

If i try the suggested last version of lineage recovery, i can access the lineage recovery and the phone can go also to normal boot and fastboot.

i’m thinking to try to downgrade to reset at A10, go to 11 stock and then try to flash the recovery on e os R but in the guide

the recovery package with dbto and vbmeta are just for android S…
or should i use those also for R?

i also want to add… that i’ve tried with the easy installer and i arrive at the same bootloader loop.
the installer tell me to start the recovery from boot but the phone restart from the fastboot…

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still interested to know if anyone put had been able to go from stock 12.1 to 1.17S.
however i want to add this:

I rolled back to 10stock . then updated via OTA to 11.1 stock.

from 11.1 stock i then installed eOS R 1.7 via command line and then 1.17S from OTA.
never used those: dtbo and vbmeta… i skipped that step in the guide.
when i also ended the R 1.7 install i didn’t got a successful message but an error message.

btw all is running now, let see if i’ve some problems

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